Join Donlon's school smarts parent engagement program starting january 26, 2022

For the last 5 years, the School Smarts Program at Donlon has sought to teach parents about the ins and outs of the education system and how we can best help our students navigate all the way through to college. The program also strives to create meaningful and diverse parent involvement, and bring our wonderful Donlon families together.

This program answers questions such as:

  • How is our public school system organized?
  • How can your child succeed at Donlon and beyond?
  • How are decisions and policies made at Donlon?
  • How can you initiate the changes you want to see around school?

Although our children are back on campus, it’s still challenging for parents to make meaningful connections due to safety guidelines. School Smarts creates a forum where people can get to know one another and speak openly with the leaders and administrators who come to each session.

There are 7 sessions, most of which will be held virtually. The first session will be January 26th at 6pm, and graduation on March 23rd (with a few breaks in between). 

For questions, please contact Cynthia Sandhu at We're looking forward to bringing School Smarts to Donlon for the sixth year, and hope to meet many of you in the coming year.


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