Show Your Voice! 

Below are the Reflections Art Program 1st place winners for the following categories:

1. Name: Alisha Mishra | Category: Music Composition | Grade: 3rd |
Title of Work/Song: "My Voice for you."

2. Name: Adhrit Umayi | Category: Film Production | Grade: 3rd |

Title of Work/Song: "Vande Santham Hanumantham"

3. Name: Arshiya Raheja | Category: Literature | Grade: 5th |

Title of Work/Song: "A Fight for Women's Rights." 

4. Name: Ishaan Umayi | Category: Photography | Grade: TK |

Title of Work/Song: "Rocket Launch."

5. Name: Arshiya Raheja | Category: Dance / Choreography | Grade: 5th |

Title of Work/Song: "Life is about dance and being happy."

6. Name: Arshiya Raheja | Category: Visual Arts | Grade: 5th |

Title of Work/Song: "Save The Earth!."

These [6] first-place winners will now move forward to the next stage of judging/criteria
with the Reflections Pleasanton PTA

Questions:  Please contact the  PTA  Reflections Chair at